SABA Playout


Format diversity 
SABA Playout is a system for playback of news and TV programs with broadcast quality and by employing software tools it supports all available video formats. In this system, besides professional broadcast file formats, low resolutions such as videos recorded by mobile phones can also be played and also any new video format can be played without changes in the hardware. SABA Video Playout system automatically modifies the output resolution according to broadcast standards. Thus HD videos can be played beside SDs, simultaneously. 

Playback stability is very important for a broadcaster and SABA Playout, besides providing a non-stop back to back 24*7 playback, supplies the required stability considering its proper design and preparing suitable facilities. This system contains active redundancy and two playout systems as "Master" and "Slave". Meanwhile, a Video Changeover device guarantees a non-stop playback. 

SABA Playout can independently work or be integrated to SINA Newsroom, SAMA Archive and SABA system. This system connects to SINA Newsroom and receives the playlists made in Rundown and in case of any changes in the on-air playlist in Rundown; system informs the user and upgrades the list. By connecting to SAMA Archive, this system provides playout users searching in archive and adding some items from search results to playlist..